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Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling

Network Cable Design, Installation, Testing & Certification Services

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Structured Network CablingDigital Phone Works routinely designs and installs network cabling for government, schools, and businesses in the state of Texas. Our professional network cable installers have over 50 years of experience. Digital Phone Works is fully insured and bonded with certified cable technicians in all disciplines of network cabling. Contact us today for a no obligation site survey and consultation.

  • Executive Meeting Rooms
  • Voice & Data Phone Rooms
  • Data Center Network Cabling
  • Multi Location Structured Wiring
  • Cat5 Network Cabling
  • Cat6 Network Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Network Cabling
  • Coax Cabling


Telecommunications & Phone Cabling Services

Digital Phone Works of Houston offers affordable in-office phone cabling. Our staff is extremely adept at pulling phone cable and installing phone jacks. We always use the highest quality cable, jacks and inserts. We offer a wide array of jack plates for 2 way, 3 way, 4 way and 6 way plugs in a variety of colors.

Commercial Network / DATA Cabling

At Digital Phone Works we have a dedicated staff to perform all data cabling and network cabling. We run all Cat.5e or Cat.6 PVC or Plenum Cable and install jacks. If needed, our staff can certify cable runs. Digital Phone Works can cable any building or home. Solid ceilings can also be done. We will pull all office cables to their designated location. We then tone, test, and label each cable in preparation for your data infrastructure installation. We also provide feeder cables for demark extension.

• Coaxial Cabling

We are qualified to install all Coaxial cable for cable TV and closed circuit systems. We install COAX cable in buildings, houses, outdoor Ariel and underground applications.

• Lightning Surge Protection

Phone systems and network appliances can be severely damaged by even small spikes of electricity either through the power lines OR THE PHONE LINES!  You would be surprised how many phone systems are damaged by voltage spikes through the phone cabling. We specialize in providing surge protection for data cables and phone cables as well as CO line entry points.

Digital Phone Works of Houston is a primary source of surge & lightning protection for phone systems and network appliances.