Digital Phone Works Inc.

Business PRI Services in Houston, Texas

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) services combine voice and data communications in the most efficient way

Our Houston network is built to provide realiable full and fractional PRI (primary rate interface) services to your business.
With our PRI services, you can:
  • Have flexible, combined communications.
  • Ability to re-allocate capacities at any time.
  • Enjoy capacities from 12 to 23 channels per PRI.
  • Enjoy 1.54 Mbps of T-1 speeds for data communications.
  • A 24th channel to signal between your phone system and our network.
  • PRI PBX interface OR Analog CO Breakout.
  • Dynamic DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
PRI Services are a perfect cost effective fit for businesses that need 12 CO lines or more and blazing internet speeds.
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Package Features
  • Faster Call Setup and Faster Caller ID - PRI handles calls faster than any other service.
  • Blazing Full Speed T-1 Carrier Internet Access - A Direct and private T-1 speed comnnection is available to you from your office directly the internet backbone, skipping all traffic blockers.
  • 6000 Minutes of Long Distance to Unlimited - All packages start with 2500 minutes of long distance, as your package increases in phone lines, so does your long distance minutes. Unlimited plans are also available.
  • Caller ID - All packages with Caller Name and Number. *
  • Call Waiting Caller ID - Works like Caller ID sending the Calling Name and Number to any lines with Call Waiting turned on. *
  • Call Forwarding - Forward your calls to any other number including your cell phone. Your calls go where you go.
  • (1) Voicemail Box - Activate a mail box for any of your phone lines. Forward your other phones to it when you don't answer.
  • Flash Call Hold and Transfer - Using a one touch flash button on your phone (which we as phone system experts know how to program) will allow you to transfer calls to a third party anywhere and have a three way conversation or disconnect your office, allowing the call to tranfser to the third party.
  • Flash Three Way - Using the same flash button as above, have three way conversions while only tieing up one line in your office.
  • Speed Dial 100 - Allows you to preprogram up to 100 numbers and make calls to them from an assigned two digit code.
  • Hunt Group - Have any of your phone lines roll to each other as they become busy. You decide which lines to include.
  • New or Ported Phone Numbers - Keep your existing phone numbers, no matter what they are. For a startup business, we will supply you with phone numbers.
Package Upgrades
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • More Voicemail Boxes
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Sequential Ring
  • Remote Office
  • Web Portal Management
  • Virtual Auto Attendant
  • Call Return
  • Find Me, Follow Me
  • Additional IP Addresses
  • Web Hosting and Email

* Tier 1 and Tier 2