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ESI Business Phones Systems


We Service ESI Communications Servers

ESI-1000  •  ESI-600  •  ESI-200  •  ESI-100  •  ESI-50  •  ESI-50L

Regardless of which model you select (they vary primarily by call-handling and voice message storage capacity), an ESI Communications Server will serve your needs now and for years to come. This fully flexible communications platform can support both digital telephony and IP-to-the-desktop in any desired combination. ESI Communications Servers also deliver massive expandability and the greatest functionality ESI has ever offered.

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ESI C-Plus Phone Systems

ESI C-Plus Systems

ESI C-Plus  •  ESI C-Plus Executive

You may have a smaller business, but you still need plenty of big-business capabilities like full-featured voice mail, auto attendant, and conference-calling. And you wouldn’t mind having a built-in help mode, too, so you wouldn’t have to keep looking for the manual. Fortunately for you, there’s the ESI C-Plus. It may be just what your business needs. Be sure to ask also about the ESI C-Plus Executive, which gives you all the great ESI C-Plus features and support for up to two 48-Key Digital Feature Phones.

(For the smallest businesses, IVX C-Class may also be of interest.)

ESI VIP Software


VIP and VIP Professional  •  VIP PC Attendant Console
VIP ACD  •  VIP Softphone

The name VIP means Visually Integrated Phone. It’s a family of software applications that help you manage your ESI voice mail and contacts from your PC. Each VIP application comes in both standalone (SE) and Outlook®-integrated versions. Compared to the basic VIP application, VIP Professional adds still more features, such as auto-recording, text-messaging, and color-coded monitoring of station status.
Be sure also to check out our other VIP Professional-compatible applications: VIP PC Attendant Console, which greatly simplifies managing any busy office’s call traffic; VIP ACD, to maximize your customer service when used with an ACD-equipped ESI system; and VIP Softphone1, which allows you to connect with your ESI Communications Server from a PC via nearly any broadband connection.

ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration

ESI Presence Management

This ESI exclusive combines RFID scanning technology and ESI’s award-winning telephone systems to offer presence status, call control, entrance security, and documented tracking of users’ work hours and attendance history. Third-party software works with ESI Presence Management to provide a complete time and attendance management package.

ESI Media Management

ESI Media Management

Only ESI can offer this amazing risk reduction solution that works with your properly equipped ESI Communications Server1 to provide call logging and recording, monitoring via live and recorded video, call detail analysis, data storage and archival, and much more.

ESI-Link Phone Systems


Our advanced multi-site solution lets you use your data network to interconnect numerous ESI phone systems as if they were one big system.

ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration

ESI Bluetooth Voice Integration

Two ESI Bluetooth® Voice Integration products work with your ESI Communications Servers to make you more efficient: ESI Cellular Management lets you manage your cell phone calls along with your normal business calls, all from your desktop phone; and the ESI Bluetooth Headset Interface lets you use any compatible Bluetooth headset with your ESI 48-Key Feature Phone.