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Avaya Partner R7 Voice Messaging & Voicemail

Advanced Telephoney Solutions for Enhanced Applications

Avaya Partner Messaging Upgrade CardsAvaya Partner ACS R7 Voice Messaging and Voicemail is a solution for a business that needs 24/7 communication support. The R7 Voice Messaging System is a powerful system that offers many features to keep your business in touch with customers. It is an affordable and flexible system that will let your business handle customers efficiently and professionally. This system works with Partner ACS Phone Systems. This system is designed in 2, 4, or 6 ports and can be easily upgraded with Partner Messaging Upgrade Cards.

Partner ACS Phone Systems may also upgrade its voicemail with the Avaya PCMCIA Voicemail Cards, which is a flash card voicemail that easily slides directly into the front of an Avaya Partner ACS Processor. The PCMCIA Voicemail Cards are designed with features to enhance business operation such as full auto attendant, call answer service, voicemail service, and night service.Avaya PCMCIA Voicemail Cards These cards come in two formats to accommodate what a business owner may need for its voicemail solutions.

  • Small PCMIA Voicemail Card: 2 Port x 4 Mailboxes & 40 Minutes of storage
  • Large PCMIA Voicemail Card: 2 Port x 16 Mailboxes & 120 Minutes of storage
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Avaya Partner ACS Voicemail The Avaya Partner R7 Voice Messaging and Voicemail offers solutions for better communication for small to medium sized business.

  • Voice Messaging.
  • Communication 24/7.
  • Transfer Calls.
  • Call Routing.
  • Message Alert.
System Features
  • General Features
    • 2, 4, or 6 Ports
    • GUI PC Administration
    • Compatible with all Partner ACS Releases, Partner Endeavor, Partner II R3.1, Partner Plus R3.1 or Higher
    • (100) Storage Hours
    • Up to (200) Mailboxes
    • Monolingual or Bilingual
    • System Reports via PC
    • Guest Mailboxes
    • Limit Message Length
  • Voicemail Features
    • Auto Copy of Messages
    • Voicemail to E-Mail Forwarding
    • Group Lists (Personal and Public)
    • Address By Name (Directory)
    • Cascaded Outcalling
    • (6) Personal Greetings
    • Broadcast Messages
  • Call Answer Features
    • Message Forward
    • Personal Operator
    • Record-A-Call (4 or 6 Port Only; (2) Simultaneous Recordings)
  • Automated Attendant Features
    • 4-Minute Announcement Greetings
    • (4) Attendants
    • (99) Multi-Level Structure (Submenus)
    • Fax Detection and Routing (Requires ACS R3 or Higher)
    • Centrex Transfer
    • Holiday and Time-Of-Day Messages
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Expand Your Growing Business with the Flexibility, Reliability and Functionality of an Avaya Partner ACS Phone System.
  • Sleek, Modern Design Telephones
  • Advanced Telephony Features
  • Ideal for Growing Business Communications
  • Enhanced Voice Communication
  • Budget Conscience for Flexibility & Expansion
  • Reliable Performance 24x7x365