Digital Phone Works Inc.

Business Private WAN Services in Houston, Texas

We provide Private WAN (Wide Area Network) to our customers in Houston

Digital Phone Works provides it's own private network for their services to businesses in the Greater Houston, Texas area and surrounding areas. We are able to offer our customers Private WAN (Wide Area Network) for their voice, data and media communications. Businesses are able to communicate via routers located in different areas such as cities or states and be on their own private WAN. Instead of a DSL-based WAN, which uses public internet lines, we offer our customers private, encrypted internet services for their businesses within the WAN.

With A Private WAN Enjoy These Benefits:

  • More Secure and Reliable than Internet VPNs
  • Private, Encrypted Data
  • LAN to LAN Communication via Routers.
  • Dedicated and Reliable T-1 Internet Services
We provide private WANs through our own private network with dedicated, realiable and blazing fast T-1 internet services. We can work with you on all of your virtual communication needs. We offer solutions for you business' needs for a private network and dedicated internet services.
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