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Case StudiesFBI Contract Awarded

Digital Phone Works Awarded FBI Contract

Digital Phone Works of Houston has been awarded a contract to install, terminate, test and label structured Cat 5 and Cat 6 wire for the FBI.

The FBI is building a brand new 8 story building here in Houston, which is currently in its final phases of construction.

The FBI has hired Digital Phone Works to run over 1400 individual cables on 8 floors. Cable crews will be onsite starting in early January and will complete this 6 figure contract within weeks.

Taco Bell Hires Digital Phone WorksKormex Foods, Inc. (TACO BELL) Contracts Digital Phone Works for City Wide Restaurant Phone System Maintenance

Kormex Foods, Inc operates Houston area Taco Bell restaurants.

Kormex uses the technical expertise of the Digital Phone Works staff to manage its communications systems in their restaurants.


College Station Police Department Contracts Digital Phone Works To Install Revamped, Station Wide Paging System.City of College Station

Digital Phone Works, Inc has been contracted to install over 60 special double input ceiling speakers and corresponding cables into all offices in the College Station Police Department.

This job is unique in the fact that we are required to create special, custom made input boxes in each office so that officers can change from music to dispatch to paging only.

Digital Phone Works, Inc has designed and engineered this special system from start to finish.

Mens WarehouseMen’s Warehouse Hires Digital Phone Works For Regular and Routine Phone System Maintenance.


The Men’s Warehouse has hired Digital Phone Works to perform routine maintenance of their Nortel Option 81, their store bound Nortel Norstar phone systems and their store bound Nortel BCM Platforms.

The Men’s Warehouse is unique in the fact of their integration between their Nortel platforms and their Cisco platforms.

Our technicians support these systems on a weekly basis both on and off site on an ongoing and regular basis.

Harmony Schools Awards Digital Phone Works Contracts for Two Brand New Schools and Admin Building for Cable, Paging and Phone Systems.

Digital Phone Works has successfully installed structured cable, complete school wide paging systems and phone systems into to brand new Harmony Schools in Houston and College Station, Texas as well as their admin building in Houston.

These jobs were unique in the fact that we installed very special timed bell systems.

Birraporettis Resturant Hires Digital Phone WorksBirraporetti’s Restaurant Hires Digital Phone Works for Phone System Maintenance, Dial Tone Services and High Speed Internet Access.


Birraporetti’s of Downtown Houston utilizes this skills and assets of the Digital Phone Works technical staff to maintain their phone system, services and high speed internet in their famous restaurant.


Brighton Homes and K Hovanian Home Consolidate Services in a Single Location

Brighton Homes, a 28 year home builder in the Houston area, owned by K Hovanian Homes has consolidated services between the two companies in a single location.

Brighton Homes contracts Digital Phone Works to maintain their Toshiba Phone System that services over 200 employees.

K Hovanian has also now moved their corporate office staff to the Brighton Home.

Digital Phone Works was hired to facilitate this move.

K Hovanian and Brighton Homes also contract with Digital Phone Works, Inc for their PRI’s and Business Class High Speed Internet Access, providing a single contact for both system and services.

Arnes Wholesale Strengthens Bonds With Digital Phone Works

Arnes Wholesale is the largest party supply warehouse in Houston. It has also been a long time customer Digital Phone Works with requirements for maintaining their NEC Mark II 5 cabinet phone system.

When Arnes Wholesale upgraded their entire register system to a new POS system, they hired Digital Phone Works, Inc to install the new infrastructure for this amazing new system.

Avanti Transportation Awards Digital Phone Works Contract To Move, Install, Cable and Provide Services For New Building.


Avanti Transportation, one of Houston’s most premier limo companies and long time customer of Digital Phone Works has contracted DPW to engineer a brand new facility 3 times as large as their last.

Digital Phone Works is tasked with installing all cable, infrastructure, paging and phone systems and provide dial tone services and business class high speed internet.

The Novati Groups Buys 700 Louisiana Street and Hires Digital Phones Works, Inc. to Install Phone System, Auto Attendant and Cables in Their New Coporate Offices in Houston (700 Louisiana) and Dallas.

A joint venture of Dallas-based Novati Group and an affiliate of the General Electric Pension Trust, advised by GE Asset Management, purchased of Bank of America Center in downtown Houston from Hines Interests.

Upon moving into the building as Management, The Novati Group contracts Digital Phone Works to engineer, install and fine tune their phone system, auto attendant and cables.

Action Limousine Contracts Digital Phone Works To Install Mission Critical Call Recording Systems.


Action Limousine called Digital Phone Works, Inc with a need to record and log all calls placed to and from their dispatch.

Digital Phone Works met said challenge with Omnicron Call Recorders and server bank for storage.

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