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Avaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules & Carriers

Advanced Telephoney Solutions for Enhanced Applications

Avaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules and Carriers are designed to optimize your phone system and provideAvaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules and Carriers more enhanced features. These expansion modules allow your business phone system to grow with ease without disrupting your service and time. The Parnter ACS Systems are easily expanded by just sliding one or more of the expansion modules in a carrier to give you added lines and extensions. The Parnter ACS T1 Module gives you the ability to use Direct Inward Dialing (DID) capability with added features and services that is flexible in its operation. These expansion modules are also Caller ID compatible giving your business beneficial services for added productivity. Grow your business with Partner ACS Expansion Modules and Carriers with simplicity and flexibility!

Avaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules and Carriers
The Avaya Partner ACS Expansion Modules and Carriers is ideal for the growth of small to medium sized businesses.

  • Adds Additional Lines and Stations Ports .
  • Compatible with ACS Releases 6.0 and 7.0.
  • Fits into a ACS 5-Slot Carrier or a 2-Slot Connector.
  • Caller ID Compatible.
  • T1 Module adds Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Capabilities.
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System Features
  • 400ec Module
    • Adds (4) Incoming Lines to Partner ACS Phone System
    • Caller ID
  • 012ec Module
    • Adds (12) Station Ports to Partner ACS Phone Systems
    • Supports Full T/R and ETR Capabilities
    • Maximum of (2) 012ec Modules
    • Maximum increase up to (48) Station capacity
    • Compatible with Partner ACS Release 5.0 and Higher
  • 308ec Module
    • Adds (3) Lines and an additional (8) Station Ports to Partner ACS Phone Systems
    • Caller ID Compatible
    • Fax Detection and Routing
    • Universal Port Structure (Allows Multi-Line Analog Phones and Single-Line Devices)
    • Compatible with Partner ACS Release 2.0 or Higher
    • Intended to be used with 2-Slot Connector or 5-Slot Carrier
  • T1 Module
    • Requires Partner ACS Release 6.0 or 7.0.
    • Provides up to 16 Channels for use of the 24 Channels via T1
    • Channels 9 through 24 are used for voice (Assigned lines or pool buttons)
    • Provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Capabilities (Automatic Call Routing)
    • T1 Programming via Partner ACS PC Administration Software
    • Includes Internal CSU (Voice Call Connectivity and Diagnostics to T1 Service Provider)
    • (8) Unused Channels (Channels 1 through 8) or any channels not used for voice may be used for data via External CSU/DSU
  • 5-Slot Connector
    • Provides (5) Slots for Partner ACS Processor
    • Accomodates (4) Expansion Modules or Voicemail
  • 2-Slot Connector
    • Compatible with Partner ACS 1.1 or Higher
    • Allows ACS Processor to connect to an additional module
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Expand Your Growing Business with the Flexibility, Reliability and Functionality of an Avaya Partner ACS Phone System.
  • Sleek, Modern Design Telephones
  • Advanced Telephony Features
  • Ideal for Growing Business Communications
  • Enhanced Voice Communication
  • Budget Conscience for Flexibility & Expansion
  • Reliable Performance 24x7x365